We provide full-service Registration with the State Regulators.



We offer cost-effective consulting packages to ensure that your firm remains compliant.




Secure Storage & Sharing of Compliance Documents

» We provide a secure web site for the structured storage of policies, procedures, licenses, bonds and logs for you & 3rd party vendors
» Simplified sharing of material with customers and regulators


CMS Services

      Compliance made simple™



Our Mission:

We believe in the value of small and midsize collection agencies, law firms and debt buyers and want to help them thrive.

Our Worry:

Meeting today’s stringent compliance requirements is a minimum threshold to participate in the Accounts Receivable business. Creating and maintaining a Compliance Management System requires a tremendous investment of time and money that distracts from a firm’s primary business purpose.

Our Goal:

To work with small and midsize collection agencies, law firms and debt buyers to develop and operate a Compliance Management System that would be affordable, avoid excessive time commitments, generate additional revenues and help control costs.

Who we are:

Comprised of an experienced network of professionals, CMS is your expert partner, ready to help navigate the maze of registration and compliance issues necessary to participate in the accounts receivable management industry.

CMS was established to address the challenge facing ARM firms seeking to meet the compliance expectations of their customers and consumers while also meeting its own performance goals. Meeting this challenge internally requires a full compliance team comprised of experts not only in FDCPA guidance but also state laws, licensing, insurance, information security, and human resources. Additionally, you would need a network of outside attorneys to handle consumer complaints, a major investment in education to remain current with changes in state and federal laws, and significant management time spent to supervise the entire effort.

CMS can assume all or any part of your compliance activities and quality assurance programs, allowing you to focus on performance. Working closely with your team, we will provide nationwide registrations, a set of written policies and procedures incorporating your current practices while making the changes necessary to keep pace with the stringent requirements imposed by federal and state laws and regulations and a review of other risk factors needing to be addressed. Going forward, CMS will keep registrations current, handle consumer complaints, and provide compliance training, testing and a regular review of your compliance program, including mock exams. With CMS as your partner, you can be assured that you are prepared for audits that might come from creditors or regulators.

Pricing for our suite of services is provided after determining of how much of the compliance effort you would like CMS Services to handle. We are confident that our ability to allocate the costs of staff, education, training material and third party audits among our client base will reduce your costs while improving your final product. We have attached a schedule of our services on the following page.